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Mário Anseloni Managing Partners and Founder

Mario Anseloni
Managing Partners & Founder

After a solid executive career, I decided to create IN.business.

A company conceived to act side-by-side of entrepreneurs and executives, helping them, in a very objective and pragmatic manner, to enable the maximum value creation potential of their respective companies.

With my many years in the position of President & CEO, I know how hard this mission can be for the business leaders. However, I also know that the experience of “who already did it before” can be essential to help those “who are still doing it” towards the success of their companies

And from that it arises the main value proposition and competitive advantage of IN.business.

To properly execute on its mission, IN.business bases its performance on the experience, knowledge and maturity of senior executives, including CEOs, CFOs and COOs, among others, who already had the opportunity and responsibility to lead important companies in the past and now focus on delivering relevant results to our Customers.

Since its launching, IN.business has been adjusting its positioning to increase even more its capacity to generate value to its Customers, and, nowadays, the company is fully focused on the Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) world, providing advisory, consulting and restructuring services around all kinds of M&A Transactions.

Therefore, please, count on IN.business to help maximize the value generated in an M&A transaction.