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“I wanted to thank Mario (from IN.business) for his decisive contribution to our operation. Not everyone will immediately realize the material scope of what I am saying, but in fact only with technically qualified interlocutors and distancing/negotiating coldness is it possible to reach consensus as we have achieved. And without generating suspicion or mistrust, because the negotiation was always loyal and, without generating personal conflicts, many confrontations between those
who will have to understand themselves on a day-to-day basis, without generating uneasiness and offering security to those who are not qualified or accustomed to the more technical issues of these negotiations (financial, legal, etc.). This has created a climate of genuine trust between the parties. Thanks Mario!

IN.business made the difference! A serious company with a significant difference from the other options available in the market, because the board is composed of highly qualified and already over-tested professionals. We are talking about former CEOs and CFOs, who have a hands-on attitude and have already been at the forefront of successful companies.”

“In 25 years of financial market, I had never seen a company helping its client such as IN.business did.”

IN.business saved my company! If it was not for them (IN.business), perhaps my company no longer existed.”

IN.business helped to improve the competitiveness of our product portfolio by 23%. Great job!”

“Acting in an objective and pragmatic way, IN.business has helped us to find the solutions to act in a more solid and consistent way in the market … Fundamental to our plans and results.”

“I had several problems with the company’s financial performance and situation… so I decided to sell it. In addition to performing the contracted project, IN.business helped me to identify and solve problems with my managers and the company in general … I am very pleased how the company is now.”

IN.business has intellectual and moral capital difficult to find on the market. The knowledge, experience and reputation of its executives were the determining factors for our decision by this company.”

“You (IN.business) hit the central point of my problem! Congratulations!